Emerald Ash Borer

Where is EAB in Iowa?

Iowa locations

Where is Emerald Ash Borer?

There are sixty-six officially confirmed Iowa counties for emerald ash borer. Allamakee was the first county confirmed positive in May 2010. EAB was found on an island along the Mississippi river near the city of New Albin.

Although more emerald ash borer locations are being found in Iowa, Iowa State University specialist encourage Iowa homeowners to evaluate their ash trees and to hold off on any insecticide prevention, unless they are within 15 miles of confirmed emerald ash borer infestations.

These are the officially confirmed Iowa counties with emerald ash borer. Counties are listed from the oldest to the newest EAB discoveries: Allamakee, Des Moines, Jefferson, Cedar, Union, Black Hawk, Bremer, Wapello, Jasper, Henry, Muscatine, Boone, Story, Appanoose, Lucas, Mahaska, Marion, Monroe, Keokuk, Clinton, Dallas, Polk, Scott, Davis, Poweshiek, Lee, Montgomery, Dubuque, Linn, Johnson, Winneshiek, Louisa, Washington, Van Buren, Harrison, Iowa, Adair, Adams, Clarke, Jackson, Clayton, Greene, Wayne, Fayette, Madison, Floyd, Benton, Warren, Howard, Buena Vista, Butler, Ringgold, Decatur, Marshall, Tama, Taylor, Carroll, Buchanan, Hamilton, Hardin, Pottawattamie, Crawford, Delaware, Page, Grundy, and Cass counties.

Cities where EAB have been found include: Burlington, Fairfield, Mechanicsville, Creston, Waterloo, Waverly, Eddyville, Newton, Mt. Pleasant, Muscatine, Boone, Story City, Moravia, Hedrick, Clinton, Waukee, West Des Moines and Des Moines, Urbandale, Davenport, Grinnell, Ft. Madison, Dubuque, Iowa City, Decorah, Brighton, Birmingham, Missouri Valley, Osceola, Bellevue, Marquette, Oelwein, Belle Plaine, Alta, Charles City, Cresco, Clarksville, Grand River, Clearfield, Winthrop, Randal, Eldora, Council Bluffs, Denison, Edgewood, Clarinda, Dike and Massena.

When was Emerald Ash Borer Found ?

Emerald ash borer was discovered for the first time during the summer of 2002 in southeast Michigan near the international port cities of Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.

Entomologists believe the insect was in the Detroit area from five to 15 years before it's discovery. DNA testing has revealed that 3 distinct populations of EAB occur in the USA, possibly meaning that more than one accidental introduction of EAB to the United States has occurred.

Emerald ash borer is native to Asia, and is thought to have found its way to the United States through international trade. The insect was discovered in Ohio, Maryland, and Ontario Canada soon after it was intitially found in Detroit. The location found in Maryland was traced back to a truck load of ash trees that were shipped from a nursery in Michigan.

Millions of dollars were invested to eradicate emerald ash borer during the early years. Experts had initially thought the infestations were eradicated in those areas, but emerald ash borer survived. Eradication attempts ceased in 2005. The costs have proven to be too great for large areas where the insect is thought to be well established.

Many locations were found by the help of concerned people, who have called their respective state agencies to inquire about EAB. If you live in Iowa and suspect emerald ash borer as an introduction to your area, please contact us by visiting the contact us page on this website. We would be happy to take a closer look.

Other Locations To Be Aware Of

Link - What quarantines are in effect for EAB and where ?

  • The emerald ash borer was discovered in Indiana in 2004. As in the case of Michigan and Ohio, much of the state is considered to be infested. The entire state of Indiana is under Federal and State quarantines.
  • Chicago, Illinois found their first case of EAB in 2006. The entire state of Illinois is under Federal and State quarantines.
  • Pennsylvania found its first infestation in 2007. The entire state is under Federal and State quarantines.
  • West Virginia, Virginia, Missouri and Wisconsin have detected emerald ash borer in 2008. Wisconsin found their first locations near the city of Milwaukee. The entire state of West Virginia is under Federal and State quarantines, as are the states of Missouri, Wisconsin, and Virginia.
  • Emerald ash borer was found along the Mississippi river at Victory, Wisconsin near the Minnesota and Iowa borders in 2009. Another location was confirmed in St. Paul, Minnesota the same year. Kentucky and New York also found their first infestations in 2009.
  • Iowa was added to the list in 2010. Emerald ash borer was found along the Mississippi river channel in counties directly across from the Victory, Wisconsin infestation that was found the previous year. Minnesota found similar locations nearby. Tennessee also found their first infestations in 2010. These areas now have Federal and State quarantines.
  • Isolated areas in Minneapolis and Winnona, Minnesota were added in 2011 and 2012. These areas are also under Federal and State quarantine.
  • The Kansas City metro area was added in the summer of 2012, which is a concern for a possible new corridor into western Iowa. These areas are under Federal and State quarantine.
  • Emerald ash borer was found in Boulder, Colorado in late September of 2013. This is a good example of how far this insect can be moved by human activities. The closest known infestation to Boulder would be the Kansas City metro area, however the insect could have been transported from other known infestations even further east.