Emerald Ash Borer Laws

Federal and State quarantines exist for moving emerald ash borer and related articles outside an infested area. The quarantines have been enacted in states east of and along the Misissippi River, and other isolated areas where EAB has been found.

All firewood sold in Iowa is required to have labeling that includes harvest location information of the wood. Iowa firewood vendors can find sample firewood labels, label requirements, and other helpful details by clicking here.

Examples of EAB articles that are not permitted to move from quarantine areas include all unprocessed ash, such as hardwood firewood, ash logs, ash trees for planting, green ash lumber or brush. Federal and State certification is required to move regulated articles from quarantine areas.

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With recent finds in Creston, Waterloo, Waverly and Eddyville, the State of Iowa has adopted a statewide quarantine, and a statewide Federal quarantine is also active.

Effective immediately, all interstate movement of EAB regulated articles from Iowa must be done in accordance with the regulations promulgated under the Federal Plant Protection Act and found at 7 CFR 301.53 et seq. and any applicable provisions of the Federal Quarantine Order.

The movement of hardwood firewood, ash logs, wood chips, and ash tree nursery stock out of Iowa into non-quarantined areas of other states is restricted.

Questions about quarantines, regulations, or to have EAB articles certified to move from the above mentioned quarantined areas can be directed to Mike Kintner by using our Contact us page.

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The Iowa EAB Team strongly cautions Iowans not to transport firewood across county or state lines, since the movement of firewood throughout Iowa or to other states poses the greatest threat to quickly spread EAB even further.

Most EAB infestations in the United States have been started by people unknowingly moving infested firewood, nursery plants or sawmill logs. The adult beetle also can fly short distances, approximately 2 to 5 miles.

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Other nearby quarantine areas include the counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin, that are touching the northeast corner of Iowa, as well as the entire state of Illinois, and Missouri.

Regulations and Quarantines

Iowa Regulatory Information

Federal Regulatory Information

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