What is the Concern?


Transporting firewood may seem harmless, but the movement of firewood is a common pathway tree-killing insects and diseases hitchhike to new areas. The introduction of an invasive pest to an area can not only be detrimental to the landscape, but costly to manage. Damaging insects and diseases from other states and regions threaten Iowa. Regulations are in place for many of these pests to prevent their unwanted arrival.

While the emerald ash borer (EAB) is present throughout many parts of Iowa, and the movement of firewood is no longer regulated within the state, in Iowa our motto is Buy Local & Burn Local!

Labeling requirement

Prior to selling firewood in Iowa, firewood must meet minimum label requirements. This applies to all packaged and bulk firewood offered, exposed, advertised or held for sale. For bulk firewood, the required information must be provided on the delivery ticket. Since 2011, an Administrative Rule also requires firewood labeling to include the harvest location of the wood by county and state. Iowans who see unlabeled or improperly labeled firewood advertised for sale are encouraged to contact the Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship (IDALS) at the contact information below. See following link for specific label requirements.

Link - Iowa Firewood Labeling Requirements (.pdf)

Certified heat-treated firewood

Firewood is heated in a certified kiln until the internal temperature of the wood reaches a specific temperature for a targeted amount of time. Heat-treated firewood reduces the risk of spreading insects and diseases that may be on or inside wood. Firewood dealer certification is voluntary and is not a requirement to sell firewood in Iowa. For more details on the heat-treatment certification of firewood, contact IDALS at the contact information below.

Be aware of any firewood regulations and requirements before selling or moving firewood into or through another state. Prior to entry, the firewood may be subjected to a certified heat-treatment or some other approved mitigation. Consult with plant health authorities in the destination state.

For more information:

Link - Iowa DNR & Firewood (website)


Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewarship

Entomology and Plant Science Bureau